Turning parks into children’s classrooms

Children of all ages come into contact with nature through Family,
Educational Television,Virtual Reality&Educational Games and School.

The recent educational reform in Cyprus has brought to life sustainability education at the forefront of environmental learning.

However,the teaching method and the approach which concerns specific issues for the environment comes only through the images and textbooks that have been taught.Transforming the parks into children’s classrooms in order to teach about environmental values, the relationship between man and nature aiming for children to become the future environmentally responsible citizens we need.Εncouraging children to participate in environmental activities, they will be able to discover their surroundings such as their city parks through experiential activities.Our aim is to raise children’s awareness of environmental issues so that we can create a better future not only for them but also for us.

The purpose of the interventions is the acquaintance, the foundation and the embracing of the idea that environmental parks connect people with the following:

⭕ Connection with the natural environment and natural art
⭕ Creation of Environmental Digital Storytelling,
⭕ Modern Digital Platform regarding environmental and social responsibility,
⭕ Variety in terms of size and uses of the park,
⭕ Recreational activities (hiking, cycling, gardening,Environmentally action games),
⭕ Environmental Stem Workshops & Courses,
⭕ Voluntary Clean Initiatives,
⭕ Creation of a special space (kiosk) for children with the help of volunteers,
⭕ Promotion of sustainable and inclusive economic growth and full employment
and decent work for all.

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