Action-Earth:Let’s See the Stars!

Earth Hour is an opportunity to connect our voices and act to protect nature individually and collectively.The world is transforming .The breadth significance applies to social, environmental, and financial measurements, earning awareness, understanding and a developing societal uptake, boosted by the digitalization of many, in case not all, perspectives of our lives.

Environmental problems are “global fact”. The protection of the planet and our daily life is a right and at the same time an obligation for all of us. Things will never be the same.We need a dynamic change in thinking and in the way we fulfill our goals.Exhortations to transform mindsets frequently appear in environmental education literature, well intended to safeguard life on earth.

Environmental Education promises to make this change, if its fruits are used in the right way. In this day and age, society needs more than ever quality education programs, in which citizens are motivated to change their lifestyles . Environmental Education is a particularly excellent educational method, focusing on learners and provides opportunities to become thinking rather than reproducing what they are forced to believe.

The tends in digital Earth, are just a starting point. Changes continue to occur rapidly and disruptively. It is hard to anticipate future developments and their likely impact on “classical” workflows.Their  common  vision  is  to  promote  responsible  environmental  behavior  and environmental actions that will enable everyone to have the skills and be able to participate in environmental decision-making.

Professor of Psychology Burns H. L.  mention that ‘Creating learning experiences that connect students to the natural places in which they live, and providing opportunity for artistic experience and intuition, sends a message to students that learning is not limited to a mental, rational experience’.

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